Eyeprint recognition, scrambled pin-pad and behavioral biometrics.

No additional hardware required, no passwords. Solus: A better customer experience for businesses with a premium digital product or service like Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Government or Enterprise Data Protection. Solus offers a new and secure way for customers to a access your web and mobile app services.
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No additional hardware required. Just the user's Smartphone

No additional hardware needed. Just the user's own smartphone. 

Simple. Fast Accurate. Easy to use. One time set-up.

Sub 2 second eyeprint recognition and scrambled pin-pad. Simple for users and extremely secure for your digital assets

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Optimize the customer experience

With one time set up, your customers only need their eyes and a Smartphone to access digital assets and premium web services - whether on the web or mobile.
I'm convinced by Solus. It offers a paradigm shift for how enterprises manage and give access to users. The eyeprint and scrambled PINpad is an impenetrable two-step login process that integrates with any corporate infrastructure.

Peter Diurson CEO, Ciptor Asia

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Innovative and Secure

Solus fits in easily with any system, and is a “ready to use” solution that leverages your existing architecture and is more user-friendly design.

Our end-to-end encryption ensures that your PIN is never exposed as it travels across the network. It has the highest security rating in lab tests.

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Build customer loyalty and improve retention

Customers need to get access to your valuable business services. But making it difficult and unwieldy is going to damage the customer experience. By making log in easy and quick, you can prevent customer churn and improve engagement with your services
Innovating the customer experience is one of the fastest ways to add value to the organization and the user - and provides real differentiation. Solus provides fast, simple access for customers in a new password-free world.

Richard Strange Digital Brand and CX

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