Behavioural Authentication (Smartphone and Desktop)

Solus partners with BehavioSec a leading provider of authentication and verification solutions through behavioural biometrics, to create complete and trustworthy communications. The solution monitors and analyses behaviour in real time based on the interactions with a mobile device or a desktop/laptop workstation by combining that with other forms of authentication, like device identification and EyePrint.

Combining behavioural biometrics into your digital channel means you can achieve three strong pillars of multi-layered security:

  • Something the customer has; e.g. the eyes
  • Something the customer knows, like a PIN
  • Something the customer does, meaning physical characteristics or behavioural patterns
How does it work?

Each individual has a unique rhythm. Passwords can be stolen or accounts compromised but nobody can steal your ‘moves’ because they’re largely second nature behaviours that are almost impossible to mimic. BehavioSec uses measurable data created by that behaviour to verify that the person using an account is the authorized individual. It gathers this data passively during the actions the person is already performing, such as typing a user name and password or entering a PIN code, and compares this to previous sessions.

Using the Mobile SDK is easy and will allow your app to learn each user’s behavioural biometrics. Within 7 to 10 sessions, sometimes even fewer, BehavioSec becomes accustomed to the user and will use this information to assign a risk value at each login or transaction event. This can be used with your existing solutions to authenticate, assess risk, or signal the type of anomaly that triggers a step-up verification event.Solus Connect provides the integration between devices such as Android or iOS smartphones and corporate back office systems.  It can authenticate against typical third party providers such as Active Directory/LDAP or to a native directory through the development of adaptors. It can also be the primary authentication source in situations where third party authentication is not available or desirable. 

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