Biometrics as part of your security strategy


Fingerprint, voice, facial scanning are all technologies becoming increasingly common place. Finding an accurate, secure and user friendly biometric solution that works for all your users is however challenging. As an added complication it can be difficult to make the connection to your authentication layer, most biometrics are device only with limitations on integration with your back office systems.

Solus uses Eyeprint ID, a patented software only biometric. Eyeprint ID uses an existing 1+ MP enabled smartphone or tablet device to image and pattern match the unique blood vessels in the whites of the eye. The user experience is akin to taking a selfie, is 99.99% accurate and extremely scalable. Eyeprint ID is the only biometric that protects your data with a high entropy encryption key – equivalent to a 50-character complex password.

An Eyeprint can never be lost, stolen or intercepted because it’s scrambled and encrypted locally - it never leaves your device. Eyeprint ID generates a stable high entropy key calculated at each login, and not stored on the device. Critically it also uses “liveness detection” for anti spoofing therefore it's impossible to use a photograph or video to impersonate the user. 


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