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Features of Solus

With Solus, you can choose single or multi factor authentication for users - and for complex Enterprise logins you can integrate multiple web services and mobile apps with a one-time password for every use on a per user basis.
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Biometric Identification

You just need your eyes

Your Eyeprint is unique and does not change with age

Unique user login profile is created

Option to add further authentication stages

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Solus PINpad

A scrambled keypad removes any chance of keypad tracking

Simple 4 digit password

Creates a 50 digit encrypted one time password

For use on websites, mobile web and apps

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Behavioral Biometrics

Monitors and analyses user behaviour

Mobile device or a desktop/laptop

Assigns a risk value at each login 

Used with your existing solution

Complete and trustworthy communication

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Single Sign On

Trust the Cloud with Single Sign On

Support multi domain deployments with separate AD/LDAP’s per domain

Authenticate users from any identity provider to any web service/mobile app

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Device Tying

Tie specific devices to a service using the app

Attempts to compromise are logged and an alert is raised

Lock out unexpected devices

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One Time Password

Time-limited password

Access the main authentication system once only

No need for extra hardware, just your mobile