iPhone_PinPadAuthenticate customers securely: 

Solus’s scrambled PINpad delivers authentication that is impenetrable by fraudsters! Keylogging softwares cannot capture the PIN because it is entered by clicks and touch, not by keys. Attacks that log mouse-clicks/taps fail since customers use different patterns for each authentication. Our end-to-end encryption ensures that your PIN is never exposed as it travels across the network.

Integrate quickly and seamlessly: 

Solus fits in easily with any system, and is a ‘ready to use’ solution that leverages your existing architecture and network connections. Quickly deploy and integrate Solus into your website and protect every account with ease.

To see a demonstration of our seamless integration, please click here.

Fully control your premium digital assets: 

Solus provides an extra layer of security that usual, vulnerable login systems do not, and gives you control and confidence over all your sensitive, important digital content. It can protect the whole website or certain restricted areas.

Android_PinPadGet immediate ROI with soaring profits: 

Fraud and piracy cost digital companies millions in lost revenue every year. Increase your online profits by stopping fraud, high-frequency cyber attacks and data loss entirely. Use Solus to bring in more security-conscious users that prefer interacting with fully secure websites. It offers customers greater security, convincing them to trust, pay for and use your premium site even more.

Simple, easy and convenient to use:

 It’s more user-friendly that other OTP (one-time password) or multi-factor authentication softwares-- and safer too

Protect your business from credential fraud: 

Because Solus can detect the exact location of users, it is sensitive to spikes in multi-user access and can alert you instantly through the in-house program alert

EyeScannerBe hack-proof: 

Solus’s flawless security architecture of geodetection, scrambled, virtual PINpad and powerful encryption means that even hackers armed with keyloggers, spyware and high-frequency dictionary attacks can’t touch your valuable data.

Significantly reduce fraud costs: 

Drive down fraud and illegal multi-user access of a single account (that often leads to piracy of valuable content). Solus can easily detect unusual changes in user locations. It automatically alerts and helps you fight off multi-user fraud (and piracy) so that you keep your digital assets only to paying member.

Setup hassle-free: 

Solus can be set up in days, not months.

Enhance your brand power: 

Your brand gets a boost when you deploy a state-of-the-art authentication solution like Solus, which gives your customers more security. It increases brand awareness and gets your users to trust you more, because it shows that you are serious about protecting users’ data.

Give consumers what they want: 

Your users are concerned about their safety when they interact with websites, and are seeking their online login to be secure, fast and convenient. Solus takes care of all of that.

Benefit checklist

  • Gain user trust and confidence
  • Better customer experiences
  • Build customer loyalty
  • No additional hardware makes life easier
  • Integrates in days to any corporate web services
  • Stops revenue leakage by locking down user license access
  • Builds application usage and engagement - it's so simple
  • Regain control of your digital assets
  • Reduce cost and resource needed to manage users and passwords
  • Reduce your cost per user by 80%
  • Simple one-time enrolment
  • Reduce hacker and DOS attacks - they'll look elsewhere
  • Setup hassle-free: Solus can be set up in days, not months
  • Limit use of applications by geography
  • Differentiate your premium service in the mind of your customer - keeping it simple , safe and easy to use add real value
  • Reduce fraud costs