Solus PINpad

Solus's most simple secure system revolves around our patented scrambled PIN pad. For users, logging in becomes a seamless, quick and familiar process.

It can be used on websites, mobile websites, and mobile apps.

Here's how your customers can use Solus to authenticate their ID and access your content:


Users can select a 4 digit PIN (or you can assign them one) when they first register or subscribe to your site


Whenever users want to access some restricted content on your site (think: a subscribers-only section), they simply verify their credentials so you can grant access to subscription only users

Solus PINpad  

To authenticate their ID, they need to enter their PIN on the graphical, scrambling PIN pad that pops up on top of the webpage. This is the Solus PINpad that authenticates users within seconds, while lending a wall of safety against hackers


All users need to do is tap or click on their PIN digits on this scrambled PINpad. This PIN entry works the same way as an ATM PIN entry -- the only difference is that the PINpad is scrambled to foil several types of fraud

 [fa icon="lock"]   Consumers securely enter their PIN while staying on your webpage (they are never redirected to any third-party site)

We make sure that their information matches. If everything adds up, their authentication is completed and users are instantly steered to their desired webpage